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Elon Musk has completed the rebrand of Twitter, the dynamic social media platform he acquired in 2022, as the URL, or site name, officially changes to So our support now.

Our Twitter Video Downloader is an online web website that allows you to download Twitter videos and GIFs directly to your computer or mobile phone. Since Twitter videos and GIFs are embedded in tweets, you'll need to copy the tweet URL/link and paste it into the teX.comt above to download them. Our Twitter Video Downloader will convert Twitter to MP4 for free, enabling you to save Twitter videos to your computer, Android, or iPhone.

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How to Download Twitter Videos & GIFs in 2024?

Downloading videos from Twitter is effortless with TwitterVideoDown. Simply follow these three easy steps to download your favorite Twitter videos.

Stay motivated Step 1

Copy the Tweet Link

Locate the Twitter video you want to download and copy its link from the address bar.
If you're using the Twitter( official app, copy the link from the 'Share' menu.

Stay motivated Step 2

Paste the Tweet link

Paste the copied Tweet link into the field above and click on the Download button.

Stay motivated Step 3

Download the Tweet video

Choose your resolution and click on the Download button to download the video.

Frequently asked questions

No, TwitterVideoDown cannot save videos and GIFs from private accounts or tweets. It is crucial to respect privacy and copyright laws, as the content may be protected or sensitive.

Saving Twitter videos or converting them to MP4 or MP3 on your device is very easy. Just simply follow the three-step guide listed above.

No, it's not okay to download stuff from Twitter( if it's copyrighted. But sometimes, the folks who made the videos let you download them. You can keep them for yourself to watch, but sharing them around is a no-go.

We often receive this question, and it's a common topic across the internet. The answer is simple: Yes.